Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frozen Elani (Tender coconut water)

How about a bite of Elani???? doesn't that sound so different and nice. Yeah!!! In this world of change we need to change the form of everything to make it interesting. So here is frozen elani, say NO to drinking, lets EAT it.. :)


Tender coconut water - 2 cups (400 ml)
Tender coconut pieces
China grass (plain) - 4 tsp

Sugar - for taste

Water - 1/4 cup


Take the china grass in a vessel and add 1/4 cup of water to it
. Now let this contents boil till the china grass crystals dissolve completely. Once done, add the coconut water to it and allow it to boil in sim for 5 min. Finally add sugar and coconut pieces to it and stir till it mixes well and remove from flame. Immediately transfer it to the cups and freeze it in refrigerator. Serve cold once it has set. :)
Happy making and happy eating :)

Note: Frozen elani would be in a jelly consistency.

Written by: Nithya
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  1. Wow... awesome decorations... Simply classic!

  2. I've never tried elani - sounds interesting and delicious! I love the presentation!

  3. perfect idea - this sounds so refreshing. . . I will try this

  4. wow great presentation dear....

  5. Thanks a lot.. was seriously fishing for those little coconuts all over today.. :)

  6. until today, I've relished this yelani in India, only in half of the coconut shell (freshly picked) and with the naturally created coconut shell spoon, hahaha, waiting for the vacation to enjoy those precious moments......ohhhh, such a lovely presentation for my favorite Indian drink !

  7. hey a doubt!..wat wil be the consistency of the frozen stuff?? wil it be like a jelly?

  8. hey beautifully creative arrangement!! :)
    and cool recipe too....i can never comment on how it tastes ...as you know ;)

  9. Exactly.. it will be absolutely in the consistency of a jelly.. :)

  10. Hi nithi , looking gorgeous and very fresh.. Good presentation nithi. Pass me a bowl too..

  11. First time to ur blog u have a nice one out here.This is a great idea....perfect one to beat the heat....nice one:)

  12. That's interesting...and looks gud..I can feel the yummy taste :)

  13. First time visitor.....You have beautifully carved blog....Your prestation of the food is mind blowing....Frozen coconut water looks awesome....

  14. நல்லா இருக்கு நித்யா....உங்க கலை நயம் இதுலையும் தெரியுது :-)

  15. super decoration

    naanum every year fasting samayaththil seyveen .
    niingka maraththoodu pooddathu arumai.